Technology Requirements

You will conduct the mission in your school or other nearby facility using web conferencing, such as Skype with a webcam or videoconferencing equipment, such as Polycom or Tandberg.

What is Needed:

Videoconferencing system (a computer with a web cam at a minimum)

LCD projector for use with videoconferencing equipment

The videoconferencing system permits our facilitator to see the students during the mission. A computer projection device and a large screen located in the front of the room permits the students to see our facilitator.

The videoconferencing system can be a dedicated videoconference unit such as Polycom or Tandberg, or a computer equipped with a webcam, a microphone, speakers, and videoconferencing software such as Skype (for Mac’s or PC’s).

If you have a standalone videoconferencing system you have to make sure it is connected using IP. If you are using ISDN lines, we’ll require a bridging system.

If you have a computer-based videoconferencing system, and the computer is a Mac or PC, you can install Skype (free) from the Internet. To download go to: Download Skype

Connection Procedures

H.323 IP Videoconference System: Get the IP number from the Challenger Learning Center –enter it into your videoconferencing system and dial.

For Skype: Get Skype username form the Challenger Learning Center and add it to your Skype contact list. Place video call to the CLC Skype account from your Skype account.

For additional help or support, contact the Challenger technology coordinator, Mr. Dan Murphy,