Want to be an Astronaut?: Teacher Comments

“Students were so excited to connect with NASA personnel. They kept coming up to us on the playground and saying that they had talked to a real astronaut! They came away feeling that they were real little space scientists. The lab experience was a challenging first time event for our kindergartners, and they did very well. We’ve used the ‘lab’ teamwork format for other topics since the presentation, and their skills continue to grow.”

“I was impressed by the facts given about life on the space station. I had not done a distance learning lab with kindergartners before, and I found the format we were given to be very user friendly.”

“This program met our state science standard for study of space, and connecting with professionals in the field. We are thousands of miles from any of the space centers, so this provided our students with a unique ‘real time’ opportunity.”

“This is an experience you cannot replicate in your own classroom. The value of speaking with actual professionals in the aerospace field brings a real life connection to your students that excites and empowers them!”

“Our students totally enjoyed the space lab videos, and felt good about their participation in doing their assigned jobs. Most students decided they still wanted to be astronauts when we did follow-up summarizing. They were still talking about what they saw and did at the end of the day, and were very excited to tell their parents about their observations.”